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Just wanted to thank all of our customers for helping to make 2011 a successful year.  We have had our ups and downs; some heartbreaking rescues, some stellar new acquisitions and some questionable trades. We thank reptile lovers everywhere for their continued support of NARBC, USARC and all the regional Herpin’ Societies who promote the … Continue reading

  • in omnia paratus - ready for anything. To be a successful animal breeder you must be able to roll with the punches.  The amount of things that can go wrong in one season are endless and unless some thought is put into potential problems, you may find yourself up the creek with no paddle. To name a few I have experience in the last 2 years: rheostat failure, slugs, bad eggs, empty eggs, egg bound females, twins, DOA's and respiratory illness.  Some of these things can't be helped and others are totally controllable with preventative maintenance. Take Mites for example, by implementing a quarantine process for all incoming animals you can substantially reduce the risk of infestation. Bye for now, Steve
  • We Need Your Help! Are there any websites, books, videos or communities we are missing?  If you have something you'd like to see added to the list, make sure to drop by the We Need Your Help page and comment or email us.
  • Recently we completed construction and installation of a new hatchling rack.  It's 5 rows high, 4 columns wide and is constructed out of melamine.  I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance!
  • We've spent a few weeks updating and improving our website.  Send us some feedback on the new look and let us know how your breeding season is going!
  • Well breeding is over, incubation's in progress and a few hatchlings have made their way out of the egg to kick off the 2011 season.  All the details can be found on our Available and Birthing Record pages.

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